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VisaConnect Immigration

專業服務, Professional Services

公司地址 Company Address:2/F, Yau Tak Building, 167 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

VisaConnect - Immigration Agency and Global Mobility Consultants

We are a Specialist Immigration Agency, comprising experienced Immigration Advisers, Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers. We assist and advise you with your complete visa application, preparation of supporting documents and health and character checks until your visa is granted by the Government Immigration Office, including the Department of Home Affairs in Australia, Home Office in the UK and U.S. Department of State.

VisaConnect Office and Video Conference Meetings

Our offices and affiliate offices are worldwide: Hong Kong SAR, London, UK, Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, Shenzhen, China and New York, USA.

Alternatively, schedule a Zoom or Skype Video Conference Consultation call anytime for fast and convenient responses to your questions, eligibility assessment, visa process overview, visa fees and processing times!

Specialist Global Immigration and Citizenship Advice and Assistance

Since 2004, VisaConnect has assisted thousands of clients, with temporary or permanent residence to Australia, United Kingdom and United States. We also assist with EU Permanent Residency Permits - Golden Visa in Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain, Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme for EU Residency or Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment.

Education Agents and Global Mobility Consultants

Our Education Agents can assist clients with Education counselling and Student Course enrolment at International Schools or Universities, Buying Property Overseas, Business Set-Up, Bank Account opening, and arrangement of pilot trips to see a city and its study options, Property Inspection tour, and business or study tours.

VisaConnect co-operates in strategic partnerships with some of the very best Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Business Advisers, Investment consultants, International Law Firms, and CPA Accountants.

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  • 創立年份 2004
  • 傳真
  • 瀏覽次數 2757
香港中小企 SME: VisaConnect Immigration 香港中小企 SME: VisaConnect Immigration 香港中小企 SME: VisaConnect Immigration 香港中小企 SME: VisaConnect Immigration

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